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studierte bei Peter Planyavsky und Alfred Mitterhofer in Wien. Seit 1991 unterrichtet er Orgel am Kärntner Landeskonservatorium, von 1998 bis 2012 auch an der

Musikuniversität Wien. Seit 1992 wirkt er als Domorganist in Klagenfurt. CD- und Rundfunkaufnahmen dokumentieren sein breites Repertoire. Neben Uraufführungen zeitgenössischer Musik liegt ihm die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Künsten (Tanz, Performance) besonders am Herzen. Als Solist, Duo-Partner und Juror bei Orgelwettbewerben ist er in Europa und darüber hinaus tätig.

Als Chorleiter und Dirigent von Chor-Orchester-Werken setzt er, von 1998 bis 2018 mit dem Kärntner Madrigalchor, seine künstlerische Handschrift auch in der Vokalmusik um. Seit 2018 bildet die künstlerische Arbeit und Leitung des Kammerorchesters COLLEGIUM CARINTHIA einen weiteren Akzent seiner Arbeit. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.


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KLAUS KUCHLING - organist, conductor

Austrian organist and conductor Klaus Kuchling studied organ and church music in Vienna with Peter Planyavsky and Alfred Mitterhofer. He has also been teaching an organ class at the Conservatory in Klagenfurt since 1991, where he has also hold the position of Domorganist at the town’s cathedral since 1992. From 1998 to 2012 he also taught at Vienna University of Music and Performing arts. Apart from giving concerts as guest organist throughout Europe and acting as a jury member in international organ competitions he has established a regular series of organ solo and chamber music concerts in Klagenfurt. Together with international guests, young talents (among them several former students of his) and himself they play a broad spectrum of organ repertoire from baroque to contemporary music.

Since 2017 he performs the entire organ works of J.S. Bach in a series of twenty concerts on different organs in Carinthia. This will be concluded by an organ rendition of The art the fugue in june 2019. His love for romantic and modern French organ music does not only show in his recital programs. It also influences the character of the new choir organ at Klagenfurt’s cathedral built in 2016. On this instrument he performed the premiere of Peter Planyavsky’s Organ Concerto in 2017, where he also played the concertos by Poulenc and Hanson earlier the same year.

Among his regular chamber music partners are Bernarda Fink (mezzo-soprano), Cornelia Horak (soprano), Fritz Kircher (violin), Florian Berner (violoncello) and Stanko Arnold (trumpet). His friendship and musical collaboration with Austrian saxophonist Hannes Kawrza inspired several dedicated compositions by contemporary Austrian composers Peter Planyavsky, Karen Asatrian, Rob Bargad and Michael Wasserfaller. Those are documented on a recent CD recording. In addition to working together with other musicians he is also especially interested in trans-disciplinary art projects, for example combining organ music and dance performance. As a conductor he realizes a wide range of choir and orchestra concerts, most recently Bach’s St. Matthew Passion on period instruments and the premiere of Carinthische Wassermusik by Manuela Kerer at the opening event of Carinthischer Sommer 2018.